Monday, May 02, 2005

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited

Today my day was very busy and guess what I was so sleepy...not that every monday is blue like this for me...infact am so excited as the day begins ....just like the dawn ;)....but today I heard from other people as well in the elevator and hence I am blaming all this on the gloomy ..cloudy lol.

But then today I happen to witness an arguement :) ...yes...I was wondering in a relationship how two people should be...!!! We talk about open communication and communication gap and what not but we forget with in ourselves how much do we practice it..!?!
Two people in a relationship can have different opinions and I think every individual should be like that...but then..walking away from the conversation or just giving an abrupt ending is not the that keeps the hinge of not to bring similar talk in future there are chances of a so called 'argument or fight'...which we call as difference of opinion.
When two person have different opinion thought is to talk it out and discuss about a person's opinion can communicating one can get to a better understanding...!!!
I infact communicate on the highway :D...its a reflex action and as human nature one should let there views freely like a bird in the sky ;)
I often find relationship like the one above shown...:) when my friend shared this with me he did with a joke....but then I didn't know that I could use it here in this manner ;)
The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate!!!

Isn't that sad :(....but then here's a poem for a change ;)

Somewhere between your world and mine;
Lies a medium of experience and time.
A balance so intricate; yet possible to define
We share the same dreams
Tho impossible it seems
Freedom of spirit, expression of self;
To live our faith; to attain love's wealth.
Though differences be many; common dreams shall bind
And courage shall build the bridge between your world and mine.

Happy Communication- that's the lesson from this evening.... ;)
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Mirzaghalib said...

To talk it out and discuss about a person's opinion can communicating one can get to a better understanding...!!!

Nicely said Dawn communication is the key to every success no matter what it can be a relationship or a business. Oh btw whats up with this pic :P don’t think that’s perfect communication…to me its more like bullying ;-) just kidding Dawn.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Good to hear ur thoughts :) btw its a way of communication...don't you think so ;)


Mirzaghalib said...

Well then I guess thats why they are animals....:P

sophie said...

nice post....comunication solves problems ...but does the vice versa too...a gentle smile..will work is also communication...only humans can do it....

Gumnaaaam said...

Hmmm i do agree tht communication solves the problems but sometimes too much communication can make the problem go worse as well,& as we all knw the greater we speak the greater is the chance of mistake !

So sometimes for a change let ur eye speak, so there is no chance of mistakes at all ,and it wuld be a superb mean of communication aswell ;):D

Manish said...

Ya! i agree with gumnaam!
Comm do help but only to a certain extent Most of the time when peole are poles about certain issue any form of debate and discussion end in no worthwhile result!

KL said...

Communication is good. It let people know each other better, without any scope for any misunderstanding to happen. Even if people have poles-apart opinions, atleast communication leads to healthy debates. However, I've found that verbal communication is much better than the written one (emails, text-messages, chat, etc).

Dawn....सेहर said...

Well said kl, as I have heard in offices people taking all possible expressions of the emails n text messages...:) and I think a healthy conversation is always better as gestures are good for that moment but its not the solution.

I appreciate thru this we all communicated ;) chao

Thanks guys!!!!

Manish said...

forget to add last time!
The poem u quoted was really nice!

Dawn....सेहर said...

shukriya manish...:) for remembering ;)

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