Thursday, May 05, 2005

You can't have a light without a dark to stick it in :)

Today I am very excited...........guess what :) do u remember when at home your mum is against ur opinion or so and then ur dad comes & supports u ;) wow!!! I had such moments many many many times in my life and I will tell you even happens :D me n my dad we have so much fun teasing my mom and she gets so......................mad at me :( why me..why not my dad :p hahaha well don't they show ur power on weak people lol....:D !
Now, I don't know how many people remember this blog I had posted about something which I will quote as- MK Gandhi ji used to believe and so do I ;) though am not a Gandhian :P
"one should not hate the person but his bad/evil deeds"...and I had given a bad example though to compare about finding good & positivity in bad in that also a person exists :)...!!!!!
Remeber!!??!! :)

Well....seems like I had created a hell lot of controvery on that..b'coz it was Hitler...:) & guess what that crisis time lol....yes it was for me ...I ringed my 'spl friend' hahaha like the life line :) and my this spl friend was going to write and it seemed like he wrote a whole big page (wow in my support...yaaahoooooooo)...& by then I didn't see his reply so I deleted :( :'( the post itself..!!!

But today, I had the opportunity to meet this spl friend and I did discuss about a kid I said...aah you didn't reply & I had to take my post out :(..guess what I love that uniform and the German Sheppard in that pic -wow.....even my friend liked the picture...not b'coz it was Hitler...but for same reason as mine ;)....!

And I was so glad to hear from him that.....Hitler was a monster...even Napoleon & Alexander...but they all had a mother :) such a sweet answer...I was totally this one.
It's so true that the way people will perceive certain aspects ...that's how future will look at it...Napoleon & Alexander probably killed many innocent kids ....more than Hitler did...but today...people look at them in a different I wanted to say is :) ............

"Hate the sin and love the sinner." --Mahatma Gandhi

After the discussion with my spl friend....I was so happy...finished my task & left for the day...& to my luck on desi radio program- they played Jagjit Singh's amazing ghazal.........

'muskurakar mila karo humse' (meet me always with a smile) ;)..& I thought what a timely ghazal they journey... when it got to an end at my home..didn't realize :)

It's still more to go ;)....with different ways & modes...with different perceptions and opinions ;) such like these colorful lights ;) in Toronto at 'Nathan Philip Square'....ofcourse when it was raining :)
A day ended with so many good thoughts and happiness...that...I wanted to say so much and I didn't & ...I heard...'what was it that you wanted to say' hahahahaha ....that was my laugh,.....n I said...reply me on my blog ;)

However, I want to end today's blog with this awesome quote ;)

Let your light shine.
Shine within you so that it can shine on someone else.
Let your light shine.
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KL said...

Hmmm....seems like certain someone has got scared and that's why didn't post any of favorite picture :P:P:P:P.....this one is nice too. Did you take it? Okay gotta go now and read your post and then comment some more. Just thought of letting you know the feelings after looking at that picture. :)

KL said...

Ok, now it seems I've to steal your source of quotations as well :):):)...

Really, that post created controversy?? Why? Did I come and check all the comments - which I often do? I can't remember now. I thought it was nicely written and I supported you: all these people are definitely monsters, but they have some good qualities, like disclipline, dedication, which we can learn from.

And, even if a post creates a controversy why did you delete it? It was your opinion, and as a human being you've rights to your opinions as long as you don't insult a particular group, people, religion, faith, country, etc - though of course you can do that as well, if you think that those group people, are doing something like human rights violations, torturing, killing, etc. So, I think you shouldn't have deleted that post.

Ok, so what else you wanted to say today on your blog and you didn't? Well, all my ears are ready for it :):):)....shout out...shout out louder....

Mirzaghalib said...

Why look the dark side of an individual why not the bright side, like Hitler and Napoleon. Who can be hated as killers of innocents, but shouldn’t we be giving them credits as where they hailed from??? Maybe this quote might help making a decision ;-)

"An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight... The truly wise person is color- blind."

Dawn....सेहर said...

kl: answer for the 1st one: no not scarred...never!!! :)
I just felt my blog is with too many animals...I hope my blog doesnt get registered in the animal thingy ;)
yes dear.. I try my photography skills sometimes.. when my camera & battery works lol

Thanks so much that u read my blog regularly ...its a pleasure having u here :)

answer for the 2nd one: some ppl hv the nack of stealing the hearts...:) so wht else u want kl from me :D
u got everything...;)
Now, coming to the pic. no i didn't scarred...but I do remember how in canada a guy who faught in world war II and was from the Nazi group he was deported and the pppl who suffered tht time had shown there emotions...which came to my mind and I much do I know abt the I took off the pic..I hv it in my folder though --oops!! lol...& many things u dont speak..u need to understand them buddy .................;) got it:p

mirzaghalib: thnx..u r right but then sometimes the emotions of the suffering overrules...& may not be at the state of judging abt positive n optimism...I guess we shd understand tht :)

wise donkey said...

Well I agree with that Gandhian thought, and since Gandhi may not be in fashion, point out that, thats what the One Minute Manager book says.
Differentiate between the person and the behaviour:)
The post pic is beautiful :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

wise donkey: :) thnx for visiting. Gandhian philosophy has nothing to do with fashion...its the belief and the path to follow...:)

appreciated your one mint thought ;) and am glad u liked the pic :) keep visiting

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