Sunday, May 15, 2005

My eyes see the present and my mind paints the future

Ever it happened that you need to do a lot...but it doesn't get done...!!! reason could be anything...was feeling lazy...or low...or just didn't had any reason lol !!!

I have so many things in mind to accomplish and still am there...planning!!! It says in any task..personal or official...the more time we spend on planning...the more perfection it tries to achieve :) who the hell want to achieve perfection.....I guess by the time I am about to implement things should be in place....I must not forget things...!!! So many things happening around that don't know how to just focus on my vacation :D...sounds strange isn't it? But yes....the precautious nature of thinking about the after effects of my vacation...I have to come back...:) My dad used to say .....think about the later part as its not all that fun....:) and I often found it correct..!!!

Remember how we often go out for picnic and enjoy and at the end we had to clean all the mess that we created :)...then it was a painful task...!!!! But once it becomes a habbit then it seems to be so cool!
One can list things on a paper but what can one do about the mind?????
"If you don't control your mind, someone else will."
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Dave said...

Hi Dawn -- so glad you liked those slogans!
Love what you wrote yesterday... time is an issue for me as well. Often too much planning, too little DOing. Or too much blogging & too little praying. And about that vacation thing... I guess the trick is to make the "work" part of the satisfaction of doing something different & putting things in perspective.
Take care,

Bombayite said...

kutty de blog patrol is frozen at a deadly number '178'
fek do usko ...aur ghar lao naya site meter :))

Mirzaghalib said...

My eyes see the present and my mind paints the Dawn thats so cute reminds me a quote which is something like this...I like the man who have a future and woman who have the past....its not true anymore those days are long gone when woman was just a housemaker. Woman of today can be anything. ;-)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thanks Dave for the kind words! You are right...either we r slow or the time is running too fast :)

Keep posting ur gr8 thoughts!

bombayite..thnx a lot...I hv changed it hope it works ;)

mirzaghalib: Thanks for all the good words n appreciation

KL said...

Ha!ha! might not believe this but I love cooking and feeding people. But, I usually try to avoid both because all the time what I've to do after all those cooking and feeding (namely cleaning, washing, arranging....) comes to my mind and I get scared :(.

They should tell you when you're born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel...

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