Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Say I love you ...often ;)

Today it was an unusal day....I reached work late due to heavy traffic...and then none of my coffee buddies were there... all busy... :p had to go myself ...& brought the coffee & croissant to my desk and started reading some requirement documents. ...gosh...I read one line and then look at the clock...and so forth....lunch was a nice break I must say....cafeteria menu made me to change my mind ;) my lunch was still in the lunch bag and I had decided on this greek salad with chkn ;) believe me it was so yummy....:) & then it started....gosh I had a one hour meeting thinking its gonna take me quick to finish off ...but no just went on and on....well I had to be attentive since I am the one who will be writing the functional specs ;) choice.. lol
I am dead tired today and so was going through the comments on my previous topic...:) guys did I say I am in love (rollin eyes).........I was all excited about my vacation..............aaah!!
So then I thought I must write about 'love' in my today's topic ..whats say? ;)
Love unites the part with the whole. Love unites me with the world and with myself :) My life work could well be is the complete universe. Detachment is the universe divided and detachment divides me from myself and from others. Love is the vision that can see all as one and one as all : "I and my dad are one". Is there.. but one reality and one truth? Love shows me where all minds and essence unite :)
Then I do I get love? I have it. I must drop my definition of love :) is not saying nice things to people or smiling or doing good deeds. Love is love :D don't strive for love, be it ;)
So all my life I have made it complicated...but it is so simple. I love when I love :D and when I love.....yes...when I love ahmm ahmm I am myself :D
Thats the lesson on love guys...;) everyone ignored about my vacation except kl :p
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Gumnaaaam said...

wooops now tht was were i was mistaken !

while talking abt luv n all i forgot to say anything abt the vacations ,showlllly :)
so.......tell me u r comming to pak for vacations :D
Well i knw u r not :(,but i am pretty sure u might be going to somewhere in sates ,rightt ? :P

Have a goody goody time btw when r u planning to go ? so tht i can jump and join u there :D :D

and comming to luv again :P
i realized tht....
u will never ever fall in love b'coz u ,urself is love :D

have fun and stay in touch :)

KL said...

Another lovely picture. I think I need to stalk you (literally by going to Canada (which part is it?), and monitoring your online activities) to know where you get those pictures :P:P:P...

Uhhh...your job experience is bringing me mermories of an internship that I did as an undergrad - I was like that - went to office every morning and kept on looking at watch to see when the day would be over. I'm still a student (grad), and life is really fun and relaxed for us. I don't know whether or not I can really work in an office :-(. Perhaps then I'll ask my love to take care of me ;);) that - good advice :D:D...

Manish said...

wrong observation dear!:)
See again i have wished for ur vacation or not!

Sometime we only see things which we really want to see !

ha ha

lagta hai u want to talk abt it urself! hee hee

Unaiza Nasim said...

wow! -4 i guess in khi its 40:D
can u plz send in some cool winds???
hehe and also the chiken salad:$

sophie said...

yeah love is devine....flawless...n faultless...

Mirzaghalib said...

Wow Dawn...its amazing.

I think most people have a misconcept of love. They beleive that Love can be only between Man and Woman but in fact one can fall in love with anything, it maybe a person, a hobby, a pet, job, place or anything.

Dawn I agree with you whole heartedly. Its now who you love its what you love.
Oh btw nice pic. ;-)

Dawn....सेहर said...

gumnaaaam: its kewl...forgetful is man's nature lol
well dear..I wish I can visit Pak..:( but I will be going to different places but not US booooh!

kl: dear...its Toronto ;) come soon :)..well you remind me of my project days where we had to go in co.'s & work and to get a good certificate from the Co. officials they used to make us work like a slave :(...this is better...:)
btw...I must say billion thnx for the advise ;)

manish: I dunno in my fast typing I missed ur name ...I did remember wht u had said 4 my vacation :) sholly!!!

unaiza nasim: dear...its 13 today...but still cold ...I wish I could parcel some to that end ;) hahaah chkn salad...some other time lol

sophia: so true !!! Thnx

mirzaghalib: so shd I think ur concept matches some or the other way :p

Anonymous said...

So you like "Notes to myself"....great isn't it?

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