Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Love someone with all of your heart :D

Today...I was much relaxed...may be am getting used to...to the new desk, new floor...new project & new people ;)
Our Project Program Manager makes sure that I am kept busy ;) ....I like it as long as he keeps me challenged....or else I become the so called 'Trouble' ...lol

The weather was gloomy & cloudy and later sun did shine a bit & guess what its May and still we have the windchill as -4...can't believe it...but then everyone is keeping high hopes of having this time a real warm & hot summer lol........I said to myself...yeah...may be only two months of summer ;)
Anyway...even though weather was such...there was some kind of happiness in the heart...I had time to think about myself...my so loving friends....such a good working place...people....& guess what...such a good thing to plan for your vacation ;) hurrrray.........lol.....yes I thought what is it that I am not able to make out...am I in love hahaha but yes its the few weeks vacation....making me so relaxed and excited...am already planning for it...!!!!! I love everything around me...:)
Then I read this..........Loving might be a mistake but it's worth making ;)

Love, you have to love & if you don't get love right, you have to move on & forgive :) -there is nothing greater than in forgiveness and this am not saying it because I read somewhere...I have done this & its a great satisfaction!! My granny used to tell me...there is nothing bigger meditation than forgiveness :)
And then you have to remember you have forgiven, or else you can't move on. And if you don't move on...you'll surely end up....bitter!
"Don't let some hell-bent heart leave you bitter"

There are too many people too angry at a world that isn't in the least bit angry at them.
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Mirzaghalib said...

"Don't let some hell-bent heart leave you bitter"

"there is nothing greater than in forgiveness"

You are absolutely right Dawn..

wordearth said...

Loving is a mistake all will love to make and a risk very few will take
....but its worth taking

The human mind is capable of having one emotion in abundance and that is love

Unki mohabbat ka andaaz hi kuch aisa hey
Zameen se leke humein aasman ka sair karvate hey
Suraj ke roshni ke saath chaandni dikhate hey
Samundar ke lehron mein chamakte taare dikhate hey

Aaj is mann mein phir woh aasha jaag utha
woh pankh phir maangoon, aur udoon is aasmaan par
Magar Shaarab aaj itna chad gaya hey ki kya bolun
apni to zameen pe pair bhi thikta nahin

Ab is Sharaabi zubaan se kahenge, bhala kaun sunega
Wohi sunega jo humein dil-e-qareeb kiya hey iqraar
Aaj itni bhi to nahin pee ki hum hosh gawa baith-en
magar unki nazar-e-andaz se madhosh bhi kuch kam nahin

Unki baahen ab phir bulaayenge to jaaye,
Un aagosh mey jee bhar ke kho jaane ko
Raat jawaan hey aur Nashaa bhi uthar jaayenge
pyaala bar ke ek baar aur is hoton se laga de saaki

Ya phir unki nazar se ek jaam-e-adaa ho jaaye
kal suraj aakar khatkatayen to oose wahin rok do
Unki aane tak hum subah nahin hone denge
Yeh raat hogi sirf unki ya phir intezaar ki

sophie said...

beautiful post n pic dawn...btw wats ur name?? if u dont mind...

Gumnaaaam said...

Okaaaaaay now is someone in luv here ;) :) :D

Acc to " J.Krishnamurti "

"The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed."

isint it :P

And acc. to " Helen Hayes "

"There is only one terminal dignity -- love."

So ,do live a life full of love and with ur true loved ones :)

Comming to forgivness i must say tht the we can replace the word "love" by "forgivness",so think twice before u luv someone b'cz in other way u r forgving tht someone in advance by loving him ;)

Acc. to " Anon "

"Forgiveness is 'love' in its most noble form "

So...forgive everyone , even ur enemies but still dont forget their names hahahhaha :D

And thnxz a ton for this beautiful post and for making me remember these lovely quotes ;) :D

KL said...

Ah! what a cute and lovely picture. Ummm..you're planning on a vacation :-(...lucky you, :):):)...Ok, don't forget to keep us updated with your vacation plans and pictures :):):)..

Love is the best medicine. Sometimes, it can be a bit bitter, but that taste will not remain in your mouth. Rather the effect of that medicine will sustain you for a long to come.

Bombayite said...

totalll coolness only someone head over heels on love can post awesome stuff like dat....
as for me... me is moving on :))...I don;t wanna be bitter!!!

KL said...

Hey Dawn, go and read my last comment on Manish's blog. But, go with an empty stomach :):):)....I forgot to mention something more there. Hmmm..perhaps I should mention to them to you sometime when you will be really really hungry :P:P:P....

Manish said...

Nice to know U r in this state of mind even in ur hectic schedule!
Do plan well and have a jolly good vacation :)

Unaiza Nasim said...

"love is to b made remade all the time...just like bread!"
hehehehhe wow u r in love urself.(seems) and since u were in this mode..u interpreted me wrong on my teri qasam teri yadein jo ati hain wala song :x ...

Dawn....सेहर said...

mirzaghalib: Thnx :p

nuyi: I can only smile :)good one! probably its U who mislead everyone ;)...someone is in love................:D enjoy!

sophia: do u feel the sense that ...u know me ;) haha am J/K my name...should I disclose here on the blog ?? lol fiza;)

gumnaaam: what can I say...you said it all :D Thnx

kl: I liked your approach of love comparing medicine ..eeks!!! I hate medicines and hence I take herbal home made things to get rescued ;)

bombayite: u mistook :p
am always in love dont you think if my posts will tell ya lol..kewl peace V

kl: u r too good at scratching the wound :p I did!!!! Thnx

manish: well thats the only relief for me...and being myself...whether its hectic or sad :p Thnx I will plan;)

unaiza nasim: you also got caught with these ppl :)...me excited for vacation baby....:) but ur guesture of reminding me is so cute...I just smiled...:D
Thnx dear!

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